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Web Hosting Review Boards Launches Improved New Site and Free Mobile Design Resources

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Updated 10:47 AM CDT, Tue, April 07,2015

Redesigned site sets a new standard for mobile accessibility, while mobile design tools make it easier than ever for others to follow suit, Web Hosting Review Boards reports

Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2015 -- Web Hosting Review Boards launched a redesigned, markedly mobile-friendly site along with a set of brand-new, free tools meant to help visitors do the same for their own websites. With search engine leader Google readying an April 21 gauntlet that will inflict penalties on those sites that are unacceptably difficult to access from smart phones and tablets, the operators of Web Hosting Review Boards sprang into action. The new Web Hosting Review Boards site is easier than ever before to navigate from any device, and the newly released tools will prove to be of great value to the site's many loyal fans.

"Far from being a settled matter, responsive, mobile-friendly website design becomes more important with every passing day," Web Hosting Review Boards representative Sandra Goh observed, "Whether in order to live up to Google's new requirements or simply offer a better experience to mobile visitors, every website owner needs to pay attention. We're proud to be setting a strong example with our just-completed website redesign and happy to be able to offer a range of free tools that will help others with their own projects."

Having grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, mobile website traffic now accounts for around a third of the global total, according to online research company Statista. Many analysts expect that mobile devices will be used for a majority of all Internet browsing activity by the end of 2016, with a future of outright domination by mobile devices seeming increasingly likely.

This marked development has had major implications for those who design, operate, and maintain websites. One of the most recent signs of mobile's imminent primacy was Google's February announcement that, starting April 21, it would begin levying harsh ranking penalties on sites that perform poorly for mobile visitors.

As a leading source of information about and reviews of website hosting services, Web Hosting Review Boards has been committed since the site's founding to providing a natural, satisfying experience to those who access the site from mobile devices. In order to be sure that it was living up to this important promise, the operators of Web Hosting Review Boards commissioned a redesign and freshening up of the site to coincide with the approaching Google update. Built with responsive design techniques that allow it to adapt to any device's screen size, layout, and other capabilities, the newly launched, revamped site is a prime example of what top-quality mobile-aware website design has to offer.

In addition, Web Hosting Review Boards has also just released a selection of tools that will make it simpler and easier for others to live up to this standard. A range of Fully Responsive Wordpress Themes, for example, have just been introduced on the site and are available to the operators of the millions of websites that use that popular content management system and blogging engine.

As always, Web Hosting Review Boards also continues to provide the most useful and in-depth information about the many web hosting options that are available today. On top of the aforementioned new developments, for example, the company has just published a Full, In-Depth Review Of The iPage Hosting Platform that is already attracting attention and highly positive feedback.

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