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Rainbow Flames "Patio Fire Pit" Launches Sizzling Kickstarter Campaign

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Updated 11:13 AM CDT, Mon, June 15,2015

The portable Rainbow Flames Patio Fire Pit can be used in any well-ventilated area and safely provides beautiful colored flames for all to enjoy.

Kingman, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 -- City and apartment dwellers often miss out on some of the simple pleasures that homeowners enjoy. One such indulgence is the delight of an open fire. Of course, fire laws and the dangers of open flame can be a serious hazard to those who live in condos or small apartments. Many apartment buildings don't provide suitable outdoor patio pits for fires as a general rule. But, don't lose hope. Now, twin sisters Fran Murdock and Wrenn Bodine have come to the rescue with an ingenious solution: The Rainbow Flames Portable Patio Fire Pit.

The Arizona sisters started researching colored flame candles and colored fire in 2011. "We love the warmth an outdoor fire provides…not only in terms of heat, but also with ambiance and beauty," says Wrenn.

Their company, Rainbow Flames LLC was founded in 2014 and the business began hand-making scentable lanterns, colored flame taper candles and tea lights, made of minerals and salt. Soon the pair saw an opportunity to make personal sized pit fires that would give anyone, anywhere a safe option for an outdoor or patio fire. The sisters wanted something besides a bland, simple fire, and used their experience to design a fire pit that burned recycled material, and used all repurposed material, but at the same time provides a safe, portable fire pit that emanates a pleasant scent and beautiful color for all to enjoy. They found the way to produce a colored "log" fire while keeping the pleasant scent and vibrant colors of their popular candles.

The Rainbow Flames Patio Fire Pit is a small portable fire pit, measuring approximately 12"x5"x5" and weighing only 3.5 lbs. The pits are carefully handmade using all U.S. materials. The logs light easily and burn for hours. It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the pleasure of a fire without the hassle of fire codes or lease restrictions. The pit is great for people with a small balcony or limited space. All that is needed is good ventilation, and a lighter. With Rainbow Flames Patio Pit Fire, everyone can experience the pleasure of a colorful fire any time.

Creating the original was simple, but as demands for the product grew faster than anticipated, costs associated with having enough materials and tools on-hand to create additional fire pits has become a key issue for the ladies.

The sisters have turned to Kickstarter and its Crowdfunding site for help.

"We are so excited by the positive customer reactions to our product," says co-owner Fran Murdock. "Now my sister and I just need a bit more capital to take our business to the next level, so we're counting on Kickstarter."

Seeking $20,000.00 to see their crowdfunding dream come true, there are excellent gifts available for anyone who is willing to help. Pledges range from $10.00 to $200.00 with appropriate rewards at each level.

So, if you like the idea of your own beautiful fire at home, at the beach, or on a picnic, be sure to visit the page and put your contribution in. The sisters have plenty of stock on hand to send out as rewards to those who contribute to making the dream a reality at their Kickstarter page:

About Rainbow Flames
Great for camping, picnics, tailgating, hiking, boating, RVing, and any other occasion where you want a relaxing small fire. Rainbow Flames Patio Fire Pits are designed for patios or any small area that is well ventilated. The Patio Fire Pit comes complete with everything you need to enjoy a colorful fire for hours.

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Phone: 928-377-4301

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