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New Tech Startup Challenges Tipping Industry

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Updated 5:15 AM CDT, Fri, March 13,2015

Renate Kalnina, the creator of the Tipit program that allows diners to leave tips via mobile phones, is launching an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for production and marketing of this program.

Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2015 -- Tipit is a new mobile phone solution that allows diners to leave a tip and servers to receive tips directly into their bank accounts without the need for cash or credit card slips.  Now, creator Renate Kalnina has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise funds to produce this program and market it nationwide.

"How often have you left a place without leaving a tip to that nice waitress/ waiter only because you didn't have any cash on you?" asks Kalnina.  "Or, have you ever wondered where the tips go once added on a card machine or left on a table?"

Tipit is a mobile service that allows users to send or receive tips directly to or from a bank account.  Tipit allows fair tipping and lets users see exactly where their tips go.  Safe and simple, Tipit is easy to use.  Diners simply identify their waiter or waitress, connect to his or her profile, and send the money instantly.  The program provides diners an opportunity to tip when they do not have cash and helps businesses document tips as a business expenses as well as assisting servers in documenting tip income.

Funds raised via the IndieGoGo campaign will be used to launch a first real-life trial of the program in June 2015, carry out promotions designed to bring Tipit to the mass market, and facilitate additional program improvements.  Ten percent of all donations will be added to the donor's individual Tipit account.  For complete information on all pledge levels and perks, visit the IndieGoGo page. 

For more information on Tipit, follow the program on Twitter @just_tipit, on Facebook at, or on G+ at +Tipit.

About Tipit
Tipit is a mobile phone service that allows diners to leave tips directly in servers' accounts with no cash or credit card hassles.  Tipit is a cash-free and credit-free way to easily tip waiters and waitresses as well as a convenient way for servers to keep up with their tip amounts.

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