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New Hosting Provider Offers Mac Mini Servers to Assist Leading Demographics of Innovation

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Updated 4:00 AM CDT, Fri, May 08,2015

Green Lion Network Ltd. will soon roll out a new featured server plan based on Apple’s Mac technology to help students, instructors and early developers have access to hefty-priced Macs in their innovative projects.

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2015 -- Green Lion Network recently started offering DDoS protection and IPv6 addresses in their shared instant hosting plans. They have also used Nginx [pronounced Engine-X] on their plans to provide their customers the fastest loading times possible creating better user satisfaction ratings. They will also soon to begin offering Mac Mini Servers with both Yosemite and OS X configurations in United Kingdom and France.

New Plans and Better Service

Green Lion Network's growing services is offered in part by their dedicated team of IT experts. In the first quarter period of 2015, they were able to enhance their shared hosting plans' security terms by employing an across the board DDoS level of protection and IP v6 addresses. In layman's terms it's a security blanket that will ensure every website connected to their servers will never be interrupted intentionally or incidentally resulting to it being unavailable to users.

DDoS stands for distributed denial of service attack and is usually characterized by a website experiencing slow performance [loading times or download], disabled accessibility or complete unavailability. There are various ways in which this is done but with DDoS protection, Green Lion Network's clients are assured of peace of mind in times such as these.

IPv6 addresses on the other hand is a better network interface in the more predominant IPv4 with benefits ranging from increased performance to seamless internet non-interception adding to the already comprehensive security layers that DDoS protection provides.

"Meteoric rise in Apple Mac users is only hampered by the brand's high market prices but its manufacturer owe that to its quality," says Fatoumata Dao, an official company representative. "The high demand in the market indicates that despite its hefty price tag, people rely on it for quality but this is not true for many students, developer and teachers who can't afford Macs. This is the main reason why we will soon roll out a featured plan that fundamentally works on Mac Mini servers to address this industry gap. We want to help these particular demographics to access their devices anywhere on the go."

Green Lion believes that the student-developer-instructor demographics is the future of technology and providing them with basic services that will enable them to achieve more results in a truly advanced world of 24/7 access has driven their team's desire to offer the Mac-based server plans.

This plan's specifics include Intel HD Graphics 5000, Intel Iris Graphics, 2.6 GHz dual-core or Intel core i5 processors with an 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive storage facility. Prices are yet to be determined.

Prices for shared hosting plans kicks off at £1.99 monthly, for VPS [virtual private servers] at £9.99 a month while dedicated France servers begin at £59.99 per month and £129.99 in the UK servers.

About Green Lion Network Ltd.
Green Lion Network Ltd. was incorporated in 2014 offering multiple data centers headquartered in the UK and France for their shared hosting services, dedicated servers and virtual private servers. They have affordable monthly charges and superb security features available for all plans.

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