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French Company Artline International Has Launched Kickstarter Campaign to Support Their Project Called LUNA

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Updated 4:00 AM CDT, Fri, June 05,2015

Lyon, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 -- LUNA is a smart (programmable) sleep mask with Sunrise Wake-Up light alarm, NAP function and Lucid Dream Inducer feature.

In modern world full of gadgets and stress, many people around the globe suffers from the sleep deprivation which may cause serious health problems such as: depression, weakening of the immune system, obesity, diabetes and many other health dysfunctions.

For example, parents with young babies encounters the lack of sleep, because their babies will frequently wake up during the night, for feeding and diapering.

LUNA mask will help to those people, who suffers from sleep deprivation (lack of sleep) get better sleep at night and get perfect Napping during the day to fully "recharge their batteries".

NAP or Napping, it's a short period of time (usually) during the daytime.

It's been scientifically proven, that napping is extremely beneficial for health, physiologically and psychologically. Napping for 20-90 minutes could be as good as a full night's sleep and help you to refresh the mind, improve overall alertness, boost the mood and increase your productivity.

LUNA not only helps get better sleep at night, by blocking out all sources of light, which may disturb user during sleep, but also has programmable Sunrise Light Wake-Up Alarm, ten NAP presets and Lucid Dream Induction features with 10 presets. Mask has long-lasting battery USB rechargeable battery and OLED display for an easy use. LUNA is a standalone device and can be fully configured without smartphone or PC.

When the timer will elapse, the Sunrise Wake-Up Light Alarm will wakeup user in natural way, by simulating the sunrise, slowly increasing the intensity of light emitted by 4 ultra bright LED.

So user will wake up in good spirit and feeling refreshed.

It's like have a personal sun which will rise when user wish.

LUNA will be manufactured from soft foam bonded with soft-touch fabric with eye cavities, so the mask will be very comfortable and will not touch user's eyes or eyelashes.

But that's not all !

LUNA mask, has fully customizable Lucid Dream Inducer feature, with 10 presets.

During sleep, humans body systems enters into anabolic state, a kind of "maintenance mode" helping to maintain and repair our immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems.

When we are sleeping, our our subconscious controls all physical processes of our body.

We all see the dreams multiple times at every night, during the REM state of sleep.

However we forget most of them immediately of briefly after the wake-up.

We almost never control our dreams, and we only play the role obeying the rules of the game. Everything seems normal in our dreams. Even if you will see flying cars, you will not find it strange.

This is due to the fact that during the sleep our consciousness enters in "standby mode".

Sometimes however, our consciousness may become active during our sleep and then two options are possible:

1. We will be injected from our dream. Like if the "Matrix" has detected the intrusion.
2. Or we will gain the full control over our dreams. And then we can do whatever we want.

Lucid Dream Inducer feature will emit a series of the visual (light) cues by 8 LEDS, during the REM sleep periods, after a standby time. Those cues will be repeated at preset intervals and will help users to "wake up" their consciousness .

That will allow user to gain the control over their dreams with unlimited possibilities (in dreams of course)

Everything possible in Lucid Dreams : Teleport to any place in Universe, talk with famous historical people, take lessons and train with champions, have perfect love, visit the most beautiful places in the world and many many more... The only limit is the imagination."

Artline International's team, says that LUNA Smart Sleep Mask will help people to get better sleep, better health and better life.

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