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Creator of Kid-Friendly Needle Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds

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Updated 9:59 AM CDT, Mon, October 26,2015

Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2015 -- For children and adults alike, fear of getting a shot is a common complaint.  In fact, many adults admit to avoiding routine medical care because of their fear of injections also known as  needle phobia.  Public figures such as Jackie Chan and Alice Cooper have admitted their  fear of needles.  Now, the creator of a new "kid-friendly" needle as seen at  YouTube Video  has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise production funds for this much-needed item.

As the only syringe ever designed for kids, the creator focused on making the needle invisible.  Because patients do not see the needle, the phobia surrounding shots can be reduced.  In addition, the very fine needle reduces the pinprick sensation, making shots less painful.  Once the injection is given, the needle retracts safely into the plunger and can be discarded.  However, the outside of the syringe, which looks like a toy, can be given to the child at the end of the treatment.  Because the child always receives a toy at the end of the shot, children look forward to injections rather than fearing them.

Even more important, however, this product can help save lives by avoiding accidental transmission of blood-related diseases. Because the needle can never be reused, it is safe for both patient and healthcare provider and provides users with peace of mind regarding the possible reuse of needles.

Money is needed to fund production of the prototype as well as distribution to vendors.  In order to raise the necessary funds, the creator has launched an Indiegogo campaign.  The Indiegogo campaign offers a variety of pledge levels and a number of prizes associated with each donation.  

For full details on the pledge amounts and associated prizes, see the Indiegogo page at

About Kid-Friendly Needle
The Kid-Friendly Needle is a new way to give children injections with a syringe that appears to be a toy and has a hidden needle to reduce patient fear and the pinprick sensation associated with shots.  The creator has now launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise production and distribution funds.

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