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Chorus Communications Offers Colocation Hosting Service for Companies

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Updated 2:01 PM CDT, Fri, September 11,2015

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2015 -- Without secure WiFi services in Bucks County, PA, companies face the possibility of having their data breached or lost. The premier encryption service company, Chorus Communications, specializes in providing network security for companies. The agency is pleased to announce that they offer a colocation hosting service, which is highly beneficial for production and growth. Companies that rely on the internet and technology to complete their tasks need a reliable hands-on approach that will lead them to the solutions they need on the web; the colocated hosting service allows businesses to have complete control over their servers.

Companies can protect their informational assets and prevent issues with the colocation hosting service available at Chorus Communications. Rather than invest in the features associated with a large IT firm, businesses can opt for the advanced infrastructure in the dedicated data centers of the colocated hosting. Companies can trust that they will stay connected to their network with the security surveillance and flexible hosting isolation that colocated hosting provides. The agency works with their clients to formulate a customized colocation hosting service plan that will deliver the network, space and equipment needed to expand.

Some of the advantages businesses have with colocation hosting include outage protection, increased connectivity, network security and physical security protection. Companies can maintain their web presence with a cost effective service that offers flexibility for higher bandwidth and room for expanded infrastructure. Chorus Communications takes pride in offering trustworthy secure WiFi services in the Philadelphia, PA, region that are effective and affordable.

About Chorus Communications
With experts in cloud computing, Chorus Communications has been providing technology solutions and telecom services to businesses for over 20 years. As businesses have an increased reliance on technology for productivity in the workplace, the advanced solutions provided by Chorus Communications continue to grow and evolve. The company provides a thorough analysis and creates a customized solution to increase business efficiency. Their partners include Comcast Business Solutions, Verizon, Earthlink, Netcarrier, Sprint, Altiva and more.

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