Whitemarsh Behavioral Health Care

Whitemarsh Behavioral Health Care (WBHC) in Lafayette Hill, PA was established as a family practice in 1976, and has been providing quality mental health services to families, couples, and individuals for over 30 years. Our team of diverse, well trained therapists and psychologists are equipped to treat a variety of mental health disorders and provide interactive, dynamic relationship management. Each of our therapists have received extensive training in his or her particular specialty, which allows our practice to design an individual treatment plan catered to your specific needs. Often, it is natural for the stress and tension of modern life to become overwhelming for anyone. Fortunately, behavioral health services are now more accessible than ever. As people are becoming more aware of the benefits of psychological help and services. WBHC is dedicated to providing a meaningful therapy experience that is skillfully directed and enables personal growth. Our mission is to provide expert guidance to members of our community therefore strengthening our community as a whole.

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