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UK Secure Web Hosting Offers Introductory Hosting Bonus

UK Secure Web Hosting is pleased to announce that they are offering six months of free hosting with each new annual web hosting plan. There are no hidden catches. The coupon code 6FREE should be entered at checkout to receive six months free of charge for each new annual web account. The high quality of the service remains the same; it's just the price that is reduced. Launches Easy Website Builder Packages for Home, Business and Reseller is a leading name in the web hosting services industry which is providing its high quality and comprehensive services to clients across the world. Recently, the web hosting company introduced its Web Site Builder package which allows anyone to design their own web site in an easy and convenient way. The new service packages have been launched to meet Home, Business and Reseller needs of the clients. Announces Partnership with SpameExpert

UKHost4U is a company that offers easy to use web hosting solutions, they enjoy the status of being the leading service providers in the world for Internet based website hosting from 1999 till today. UKHost4U recently announced a partnership with SpamExpert built to provide market-leading spam and virus protection for their customers. Introduce SSD Web Hosting Enterprise Plan for Mission Critical Businesses Websites world's leading web hosting solutions provider for over one and half decade has recently launched a new service for businesses that have websites that are integral for their business function. The company has been able to maintain its reputation as a premiere web hosting solutions provider by evolving and catering to the timely needs of their clients especially online businesses and business that have mission critical websites. Blog Launched, Shares Little Known Benefits of Himalayan Salt is a recently launched blog that has been created by Eric, a healthy living enthusiast, about the many benefits of salt, specifically Himalayan salt. The writer hopes to highlight the positive aspects of using salt for health and healing purposes. The blog presents a contrasting view about the use of salt which many people now believe is harmful and should be avoided, but Eric believes that Himalayan salt is actually a gift from God which humans need to survive.

Kickstrater Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for "The All" Action Adventure Game

Caret Games is a recently established independent studio which aims to develop new and creative "indie" games taking inspiration from classic loved games, the studio is currently developing a post-apocalyptic ARPG (action-role-playing-game) game which will allow players to play as the lead character the young dragon NIM on his adventurous journey of self-discovery and purpose. Caret Game requires funding and support of the generous online crowd who love and appreciate original and creative games, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been launched with a funding goal of at least $18,000 to be pledged by Sun, Aug 30 2015.

Rainbow Flames "Patio Fire Pit" Launches Sizzling Kickstarter Campaign

City and apartment dwellers often miss out on some of the simple pleasures that homeowners enjoy. One such indulgence is the delight of an open fire. Of course, fire laws and the dangers of open flame can be a serious hazard to those who live in condos or small apartments. Many apartment buildings don't provide suitable outdoor patio pits for fires as a general rule. But, don't lose hope. Now, twin sisters Fran Murdock and Wrenn Bodine have come to the rescue with an ingenious solution: The Rainbow Flames Portable Patio Fire Pit.

New Website Unveils the Top Streaming Sites to Watch FIFA World Cup

A new blog, geared towards sports and sports betting fans, unveils the best sites to watch sports online for free. The reveal comes just in time for one of the biggest sporting events of the year; FIFA Women's World Cup. On the blog, administrators reveal the best places to access Women's World Cup live streams and discuss options for recaps, highlights and commentators' analyses.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for "CATALYST Series"

The CATALYST Series is a Web series which involves a murder mystery enveloping a group of friends who decided to venture out into the woods to shoot a horror film. It takes a drastic turn when a murder of a cast member propels the group in to a thriller of their own. The pilot episode "Time to Kill Ya!" has been uploaded to YouTube Catalyst channel, however the rest of web series is currently under development and requires assistance of the generous crowd who support new talent and creative project that draw attention of the audience towards issues that are most often brushed under the rug. Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been launched for CATALYST Web Series to raise the fund goal of at least $7,000 by Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Pillow Key Chain by My Best Friends Pillow

Pillow Key Chain is by a creator who has a passion for unique design, style, functionality, and a commitment to pleasing her customers. My Best Friends Pillow is Colleen's brain child, it is a company that seeks to celebrate things that most people love and want to show and be reminded of. The uniquely designed and functional keychains the company believes are one of a kind and not available anywhere else in the world. The project requires the assistance of the generous crowd that supports creativity and cherishes the little things in life. My Best Friends Pillow has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise at least $1,500 USD by Sun, Jun 28 2015.

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