PR Agency Strengthened Its Domain Name Registration Business in Australia with Add-on Services, a renowned domain name registration service provider in Australia, recently announced that people who would buy domain names through them can also opt for domain hosting, web development and email hosting services. The owners said that the add-on services have been added so as to gain more traction in the Australian start-up market. They believe that entrepreneurs buying Smartyhost domain names would also opt for the optional services.

Dedicated Hosting Matters in the Age of 'Viral': UKHost4u Comments

Dedicated hosting is increasingly popular, allowing sites to enhance themselves and be propelled in public awareness in their own right. Once a website is established and has started making an impression, having the right hosting is the appropriate next step to turning attention into ever-increasing success. Dedicated hosting matters so much as it is a whole server dedicated to suiting the requirements of the individual site. This means if a site has heavy traffic and intense administration requirements, or this is likely to be the case in the future, dedicated hosting is the best way of operating this.

Dedicated Hosting Is Taking Online and Gaming by Storm

News in recent weeks has highlighted yet another online area where dedicated servers are having a big and potentially positive impact - this time on the gaming scene. South Africa recently showed an interest in dedicated servers regarding the popular game Black Ops 3, for PC, Xbox and PS4. This highlights that dedicated servers are recognised as appropriate in popular online areas – allowing for improved efficiency as well as a more streamlined experience.

Lifestylica Wellness and Lifestyle Blog Launched with an Aim to Dish out Health and Beauty Tips

Lifestylica, a wellness and lifestyle blog that has gradually grown a formidable fan following on social sites like Facebook, was formally launched a few days back. The owners, who also comprise the editorial body of the lifestyle blog, claimed that the columnists on the websites are all accomplished health, beauty and fitness experts who have agreed to contribute to the site for the sake of spreading awareness among people about the benefits of different sorts of health products and good practices, and in some cases the downsides of following a wrong wellness regime or taking up wrong medication.

KeyStock Announces Different Account Types Based on Personal Expectations

KeyStock has recently announced diversifying its account portfolio in three different directions. The company hit the market with one account type only. Users had the same benefits and facilities, as well as identical requirements. Today, potential traders have access to three different accounts – mini, standard and exclusive. Each of them has its own characteristics and specifications.

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