LayerOnline to Offer Free One Year Web Hosting for New HotJar Free Signups

HotJar is an all-in-one website user analytics and feedback tool which provides insights for website owners on visitor behaviors. HotJar uses heatmaps to show where users click the most. It also provides user tracking to help identify if there is any UI problems. In additional HotJar allows website owners to ask for user feedbacks to further help understand what the visitors are asking for. Other analytics tools such as Crazy Egg do only heatmap or user tracking. HotJar provides all the analytics tools under one service.

LayerOnline to Offer Free SSL/CDN with One Year of AWS S3 Website Backup for Its Customers

Domain registration and cloud web hosting provider LayerOnline announced that it now offers free SSL and CDN with one year of S3 website backup for its web hosting customers.

Layeronline Launches AWS S3 Cloud Backup for Customer Websites with One Year Retention

LayerOnline, a web hosting provider specialized in cloud based hosting and virtualization solutions, announced it is offering cloud backup powered by Amazon AWS S3 for its customer websites with one year retention free of charge. Amazon S3 is a reliable industry standard cloud storage which provides triple replications across different continents and strongest AES-256 encryption at rest.

Let's Encrypt Free SSL/TLS Certificates for cPanel Is Now Available for LayerOnline Customer Websites

LayerOnline, a cloud web hosting provider, is pleased to announce the partnership with Let's Encrypt to bring free SSL/TLS certificates to all LayerOnline customers. Let's Encrypt is fully integrated in cPanel and customers can issue SSL certificate for their websites within seconds, not days.

Canada Web Hosting Provider Layeronline Offers Unlimited SSD Cloud Web Hosting

Layeronline brings high performance hosting services with unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, unlimited domains and other robust features. The new web hosting plan is aimed at providing enhanced capabilities for a business to host and run their websites and applications with great performance.

LayerOnline Launched Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud Storage for Photos and Files

Domain registration and web hosting provider LayerOnline announced that it now offers unlimited online backup and cloud storage from LiveDrive, for its cloud online backup service.

LayerOnline Launches Cloud Email Hosting with OX Mail and OX App Suite

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Provider LayerOnline announced that it now offers OX Email Hosting with OX App Suite from Open-Xchange, for its Cloud Email Hosting Service.

Two Step Authentication for cPanel Now Available for Layer Online Web Hosting Customers

Many firms are now opting for the service cPanel web hosting for proper management of the contents of their professional sites. It is essential for those firm owners who are required to host large number of websites on their respective individual servers. It is user friendly software and at the same time protects any website from the clutches of unauthorized users. It helps people in the creation of powerful websites including blog posts and so on. There many software firms which are offering quality cPanel hosting services to the customers. Layer Online is one such firm that is providing this service within a reasonable price.

LayerOnline Now Offers SSL Certificates for Code Signing, EV, MD, Wildcard, SAN, SGC, UCC and Intel vPro AMT

Secure Socket Layer certificates are extremely becoming popular everyday and many e-commerce sites are using as it an effective tool to secure the trust of the customers through protecting their private information. In fact it is the protocol for enabling encryption of all types of data on the digital platform. SSL certificates prevent the private data of any website through establishing the secured connection between the servers and web browsers, between various servers and other website based applications. In brief it enables information like credit card numbers, numbers of social security, login credentials and data transfer to be forwarded in a secured manner.

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