Marine Biologist Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Start Ísafjörður Subarctic Marine Station

LogoThe objective for the creation of the upcoming non-profit educational marine research station Ísafjörður Subarctic Marine Station (ISAMS) is to contribute to marine and climate change research, provide experiential learning to students, and support sustainable opportunities locally. Alongside his fellow station manager and oceanographer, Mathilde Loubeyres, Michael Honeth is looking to garner support for the creation of a platform where visiting marine researchers, scientists and ecologists will make an impact on arctic ecology by sharing their knowledge.

Tower Bridge Productions Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Promote the Feature Length Crime Thriller Movie Violence

LogoViolence is a crime thriller that shows that everyone has a dark side and a breaking point…

Derek Redd Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Gili Bags

LogoGili means 'Island' in Indonesian. Derek Redd discovered this word a few years ago while training for his divemaster certification on Bali which led him to think up the ideas behind Gili Bags.

Go Fund Me Campaign Started to Support the Construction of Masjid Noor-Ul-Haram

LogoThis project started way back in the year 1998 with the purchase of an eleven Acre property in Oakville. During this period, Masjid Noor-Ul-Haram was started in an existing wooden house. By the end of 2006, the community built around this project expanded significantly, and they managed to pay completely for the property.

Antonio Erroi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for MyUpper: The Lightest, Most Colorful Dress Shoes

LogoMYUPPER calls Detroit home. Detroit's and its vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurs' community inspired and motivated them to start a designer shoe company where all of the designs originate from Detroit as the shoes themselves are crafted in Italy with all of the attention to detail and style we've come to expect from Italian shoes. MYUPPER is not just about comfortable and beautiful shoes; it is about family and traditions. MYUPPER is about artisans who proudly continue their fathers' shoe-making art, perfecting it to achieve excellence. MYUPPER is proud of the link between the founders' Italian roots and their American journey. The result? Elegance and style rooted in traditions are mixed with cutting edge technology to create something special, almost magical.

Joseph Rivera Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Launch an Ethnic Class of Turkey Stuffing

LogoMexican & Southwest style stuffing from Southwest Foods is a long family tradition of Hispanic families from the Southwest that is, Mexican style stuffing. Joseph Rivera has the vision of launching a project that will take over the turkey stuffing market share by offering a variety of ethnic class stuffing. The exciting new style of stuffing from Southwest Foods is all set to enter the market.

Chase Leland Curtis Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Development of Icons

LogoIcons can be described partially as a social media and partially as a business opportunity. This initiative by Chase Leland Curtis has been influenced heavily by the extraordinary success of Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew in 2005. At a time when about 15% of world population used the internet, businesses participating on this webpage experienced more than 50% increase in sales. Now, Chase Leland Curtis wants to revive this idea and remodel it in a whole new way.

BlueHour Photo Ventures Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support "Glory of the Northern Rocky Mountains" Photography Workshop

LogoBoston-based photographers Lauren Chagaris and Paul Nguyen started their business BlueHour Photo Ventures with an extraordinary mission: They want to create affordable, hands-on learning opportunities for beginner and intermediate photographers in the most pristine natural environments around the world. Lauren and Paul want to set themselves apart by offering the widest range of destinations for their students at the most affordable prices of any photo workshop business.

Help a Life Foundation Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Startup Capital for the Upcoming "COUTURE COLLECTIVE" Clothing Boutique in Los Angeles

LogoHelp a Life Foundation (501c) is dedicated to eliminating poverty by ensuring female empowerment through education in Ethiopia.

Issa Lauda Project Invites Indiegogo Backers to Become the Pioneers of the Future

LogoIssa Lauda is undoubtedly the first project of its kind in the history of mankind. This project is about creating a legal, legitimate, liberal and apolitical sovereign state. In the modern-day world, people often fail to achieve their goals in life because of too many barriers and restrictions. The creator of the Issa Lauda project believes that people's lives and work should only be limited by their own desires. The objective of the Issa Lauda project is to allow people to experience their full potential of life and work.

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