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Cliff W Gardner


Cliff W Gardner

I am regularly asked “why launch another company after selling my last company to AutoNation?” The answer is simple. It is my turn to give back.

I have always felt that our teachers, coaches and instructors are the backbone of America and that they are severely underpaid. Our singular goal at Schedule Any Lesson is to help these fine people make more money and keep the money they do make.

Instructors give private instruction lessons to earn additional income or for the sheer joy of sharing knowledge or both.

We understand that selecting a private instructor is a very personal decision. Where this gets personal for me is that I cannot stand to watch online lesson companies take 20% or 30% or even 40% of the fees earned from these well intended Instructors.

Our dynamic new model provides Instructors with a complete Marketing and Technology and Business Development solution all in one so Instructors can focus on giving lessons and making money.

We are going to provide our Instructors with a customized, personalized website, host their site, provide a direct access personalized URL and prestigiously present our Instructors websites on our online Instructor directory. Lesson takers will be able to contact the Instructors of their choice directly. We are very deliberately getting out of the way economically and procedurally.

We will NEVER charge our online directory users and we will NEVER charge our Instructors any of their hard-earned fees. Our Instructors keep 100% of their earned fees. We only charge a minor technology hosting amount and our focus in on providing far more value than what we charge.

As for me, I have had a very blessed life. Professionally, I have done everything from job cost accounting for a billion dollars of commercial construction projects to 12 mergers and acquisitions to an IPO to being the CFO responsible for 50,000 open heart surgeries a year to being an MLB licensee to a NASCAR licensee to developing an online auto parts platform with 165,000,000 parts applications.

Personally, I have a lovely daughter Ali that just graduated from the University of Arkansas and is going to work for Google soon. I also have a wonderful son Grant that attends college and is a collegiate baseball pitcher. In the “just for fun” category I am a season ticket holder of the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres and Dallas Mavericks.

We have designed Schedule Any Lesson for lesson takers and lesson givers. We hope you enjoy your Schedule Any Lesson experience.

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