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Our Hometown Releases Multi-Channel Publishing for Newspapers

LogoOur Hometown, Inc. has released a multi-channel publishing solution for news outlets, to create a consolidated editorial content management system for both digital and print versions of publications. Multi-channel publishing is available as part of Our Hometown's hybrid package, making it an affordable solution for local publications.

Upgraded Web Hosting Services at Geeks Hosted Doubles Level of Demand

Experts have reiterated the fact that in just a matter of a few years, the market will be entirely or mostly internet based. With more and more number of people opting for the internet to buy their products and services, it has become one of the fastest expanding network in the world today.

Savvy E Hosting Offering Superior Yet Cost Effective Email Hosting Services

Considering the escalating competition, creating and maintaining a strong digital presence is the need of the hour for all businesses that are serious about realizing their business ambitions. Savvy E Hosting, a prolific web development solutions provider, has been doing this day in and day out for the past several years and thus garnered a formidable reputation and a diverse clientele. Be it custom website designing, corporate web designing, industry based web designing, E-commerce web designs, content management design, customize programming and website redesigning, this Singapore based web development solutions provider can cater to it all.

Interserver Launches Free Web Hosting to Non-Profit Organizations and Registered 501c3 Charities

Web hosting is the most important thing for companies to get right first time. A beautiful website will load slowly and problematically on a bad server, leading to a bad first impression and visitors bouncing from the website before they can purchase products or services. Charities and NGOs must have particularly seamless user experiences to guarantee people engage with their message, but this can be costly. That's why Interserver is now offering them free web hosting packages.

Plus Plus Hosting Expands Range of Services to Include a Huge Range of New Offers Including Web Design

Web hosting is the foundation stone of a great online experience, responsible for handling all the sending and receiving of data that helps websites load seamlessly for users and deliver an outstanding first impression. However, despite how essential it is, few users will ever be impressed by a website's hosting, instead only seeing the design, branding and usability. Plus Plus Hosting offers the very best in web hosting packages, and has now expanded their services to offer the very best in design and development, to offer the whole online experience from one provider.

Online Telesummit Exposes Proven Path to Abundance from Renowned Teachers

21st Century Holistic Health, LLC will be hosting an online Telesummit, October 14, 2015 - November 25, which brings together the best minds in enlightened thinking. These teachers, who have paved the way, using proven paths to realize abundance, in all areas of life, will be sharing their knowledge online, over the course of the season ahead. The gathering is the brainchild of Tracie Hammelman of 21st Century Holistic Health, LLC. The event will provide plenty of free gifts which include empowerment audio download's with registration.

New Chat Centric Social Platform, Hosting a Special Presidential Debate Live Chat, Announced Today

LogoChitter Chat, an emerging leader in providing chat rooms for people to discuss trending and specific topics, today announced the launch of a their new social platform.  The platform offers free chat rooms that combine the intimacy of real-time chat with the functionality of message board communities.  The website launch is centered around a live chat,, during the Democratic Presidential debate on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015.

Google Is Set to Reduce Hosting Support: UKHost4U Comments

Recent reports have highlighted an interesting shift in the world of website hosting. Google has announced that its basic website hosting service, through Google Drive, will be slowly depreciated and then turned off on the 31st August 2016. The web hosting feature is perhaps a lesser-known feature of Google Drive, and has allowed some more simple websites to take-off. However, that Google is reducing and then terminating this service could highlight that websites are increasingly opting for more advanced hosting services; ultimately what a site needs to strive forward on the internet.

Do We Spend One out of Every Six Hours Online? UKHost4U Comments

The average British person now spends one in every six hours online, according to research carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau and the UK Online Measurement Company. 73,000 people were involved in the study which found that people also spent an average of two hours and 51 minutes on the internet each day in the first half of the year.

Trol24 Classifieds Adds Capacity for 200,000,000 Visitors Per Month

LogoTrol24, the worldwide leader free classified ad website, announced today that it has expanded its infrastructure capacity to be to handle up to 200,000,000 visitors per month.  In addition, the site has grown its footprint to operate in 85 countries worldwide, from North America to Australia. The service will remain completely free.

Announcing the Launch of the Exclusive Directory for Beauty Professionals,

The team at have announced that the new beauty directory has officially launched. Now, consumers from all over North Carolina can visit the innovative platform to find local beauty professionals in categories such as estheticians, beauty salons, spas, and nail salons.

Wandelion Is Getting Ready for Launch: Everything You Need to Travel to Armenia Is in One Platform is a new online travel platform that gets ready for the launch. The platform is innovative and gamified for users. Besides being platform for travellers, it is designed to be useful for other travel industry representatives as well. So, what the platform aims at is not to be a platform for just sales, but one that will gather together everyone interested in travel, let it be job, hobby, obsession or just an interest.

FlockU Seeking Whip-Smart Bloggers for Fresh Collegiate Content

FlockU's got college covered: with a team of talented, passionate writers covering every possible topic that's relevant to the lives of college students around the country, the up-and-coming site is a force to be reckoned with. As a website entirely dedicated to helping college kids figure it all out, FlockU covers health, fitness, relationship, sex, time management, scholarship and study abroad info, sports - it's all up for grabs. To provide insightful content from writers in the thick of it all, FlockU announces that it's searching for bright, fun college-aged bloggers and storytellers with unique perspectives to provide weekly, paid contributions to the site. – A New Free Online Advertisement Board for Everyone

LogoPeople often face the necessity to buy and sell different things at prices that are much cheaper as compared to those offered in retail shops and supermarkets. is a reputable online advertisement board that makes it possible for residents of Ukraine to search and publish all kinds of advertisements completely for free. Founded in 2006, the service allows everyone looking for an item required using the online search option. One just has to enter the preferred parameters, such as the category of the product, the region, the city, the subcategory, the heading etc. to get the list of products offered. This notably simplifies the search, making it more convenient, time-saving and enjoyable. Offers Free Online Advertisements

LogoBuying and selling new and used things on the web has already become popular and convenient. There is no need to distract from the work or home affairs or rush to the nearest store after work to see that there are no products one may need or that the shop is already closed. With, the process of buying and selling things and services has become more comfortable, quick and easy-to-use. Provides on-Time Local Information

LogoResidents of all cities, without any exception, wish to be aware of the most important events happening in their native locations. From now on, people who live in Mariupol can get to know hot information about all kinds of events that take place in their city. This is especially important nowadays, when the city located in the Donbas area is involved into the political conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Thus, Mariupol is more subjected to terrorist attacks, so its residents have to be aware of the current situation in the area. is a new project that provides this excellent opportunity to all people who have access to the Internet nowadays.

LayerOnline Now Offers SSL Certificates for Code Signing, EV, MD, Wildcard, SAN, SGC, UCC and Intel vPro AMT

Secure Socket Layer certificates are extremely becoming popular everyday and many e-commerce sites are using as it an effective tool to secure the trust of the customers through protecting their private information. In fact it is the protocol for enabling encryption of all types of data on the digital platform. SSL certificates prevent the private data of any website through establishing the secured connection between the servers and web browsers, between various servers and other website based applications. In brief it enables information like credit card numbers, numbers of social security, login credentials and data transfer to be forwarded in a secured manner.

Chorus Communications Offers Colocation Hosting Service for Companies

LogoWithout secure WiFi services in Bucks County, PA, companies face the possibility of having their data breached or lost. The premier encryption service company, Chorus Communications, specializes in providing network security for companies. The agency is pleased to announce that they offer a colocation hosting service, which is highly beneficial for production and growth. Companies that rely on the internet and technology to complete their tasks need a reliable hands-on approach that will lead them to the solutions they need on the web; the colocated hosting service allows businesses to have complete control over their servers.

Find Live Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto Results at

LogoOn Saturday, September 12th, the boxing world will turn its attention to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Showtime pay-per-view event held at the MGM Grand, while leading boxing news website will showcase live Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto results and round by round updates online.

Scott Tucker Releases Blog Design Aesthetic Ebook

A Shoe In Fashion, a website for tracking and commenting on worldwide fashion trends, will feature the upcoming release "Blog Design Aesthetic" ebook from Scott Tucker. The high fashion style, blog design ebook will be released this November.

How to Start a Blog Online Publishes 34 Reasons Why People and Businesses Should Get Blogging

There is a saying in the online community that Content Is King. This means that both people and search engine algorithms respond best to websites that have volumes of information. When this information is made accessible, easy to read and even entertaining, bloggers have managed to become financially independent off the back of their work. How To Start A Blog is a website that helps people take their first steps on that journey, and has just published a new editorial not on how, but on why, people should start blogging.

Steel ORCA Forms Partnership with Vocal IP Networx

LogoSteel ORCA, a leading data center services provider, has announced today that it has formed a business alliance with Vocal IP Networx, Ltd., a highly innovative cloud and telecom solution provider. The companies have joined together to offer customers HIPAA-compliant solutions.

Coding Basics Advises Best Magento Hosting

Coding Basics, a well known blog that consists of guides and tutorials has become an information resource about finding the Best Magento Hosting solution for users. Provides Various Digital Marketing Solutions to Web Based Businesses

Since its inception in 2013, has helped many big and small online companies in their digital marketing strategies. The entity is said to use tried and tested methods to ensure that a website ranks at the top of search engines and remains there effectively. The opening of offices in Thailand and the USA has ensured that more people can get to know about their work.

1up Marketing Publishes a Brilliant Review of My Top Tier Business's 21 Step System

LogoFamous online business review website called 1up Marketing as finally reviewed Matt Lloyd's My Top Tier Business and its 21 step system. Matt Lloyd has long claimed that his system can help one earn thousands of dollars in commissions without the owner having to conduct any personal selling. The best thing, according to the review, is that one can get to the money making immediately, without wasting any time at all. The review address claims of fraud early on by claiming that Lloyd has been in the online selling business since 2006 and had he been a fraud, he would not have lasted this long. Therefore, his MTTB is not a fraudulent service.