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Web Hosting Secrets Revealed Updates VPS Web Hosting Guide for 2016

VPS hosting is the most secure online hosting available, capable of hosting websites, portable files and even sensitive information for individuals. Getting the right VPS hosting is all important when it comes to getting the experience users expect in the 21st century. Web Hosting Secrets Revealed has been publishing a comprehensive guide to VPS hosting for years, and has just updated the guide for 2016, with the latest details on packages and best prices from multiple providers.

Intermedia: Provider of Cloud-Based Exchange Business Email

Founded in 1995, Intermedia is a leading provider of hosted Exchange email. A global company, they offer cloud-based solutions to UK customers from their London base.

Businesses See the Value in Data Recovery Services to Ensure Information Safety in the Cloud

LogoChorus Communications, the premier telecommunication company serving Greater Philadelphia, offers a data recovery service that is putting distressed clients' minds at ease. Business owners' data is infinitely valuable to them, and utilizing the cloud is the most optimal means of information storage. Like anything else, the cloud is not immune to mishaps, so entrepreneurs possessing the wherewithal to understand the importance of data disaster recovery are turning to Chorus Communications, so their businesses can return to normal quickly in the event of a malfunction. Highlights the Features of the Best Web Hosting Site in Getting Business Pages on the Web

LogoGetting business page be known in the worldwide web and get ranked by Google to become accessible to the consumer is daunting. Not only that quality content matter, but the marketers have to choose the best web hosting service for their business page that provides a plethora of features that business page owners can maximize. Announces the Launch of Their Affordable Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud computing has many benefits. In fact, Forbes Magazine has described the benefits of cloud hosting as everything from "green" to "economical". There is little doubt that cloud hosting provides both practical and financial advantages to business owners and individuals alike.

OpenWeb Introduces Home Uncapped PLUS from R129

LogoOpenWeb has introduced a brand new range of products that will suit the heavier internet user.  Named Home Uncapped PLUS, this product was designed for users who enjoy downloading, gaming, streaming and similar. Offers HASSLE-FREE Server Hosting Through 'Minecraft' is a Canadian based company was established in 2010, the idea of its creation was to provide people good and trustworthy hosting services, and honestly has been successful in that as they have already served more than 5000 clients internationally. This highly reputed server hosting service provider has partnered with several datacenters and has a growing team of employees. They offer great server hosting services like Minecraft Server Hosting, which has full modification support, the best control panels and is also fully Minecraft managed.

Two Step Authentication for cPanel Now Available for Layer Online Web Hosting Customers

Many firms are now opting for the service cPanel web hosting for proper management of the contents of their professional sites. It is essential for those firm owners who are required to host large number of websites on their respective individual servers. It is user friendly software and at the same time protects any website from the clutches of unauthorized users. It helps people in the creation of powerful websites including blog posts and so on. There many software firms which are offering quality cPanel hosting services to the customers. Layer Online is one such firm that is providing this service within a reasonable price.

Cloud Computing: VPB's New Battlefield

LogoTechnological advances have transformed the way we live nowdays; be it working, socializing or spending our money, especially, there is a big opportunity for E-business. With the growth of internet and mobile phone users, E-commerce will be the main battlefield for customers and companies to deal with. A large number of e-commerce businesses development, which include the ability of logistics, marketing, and the ability for businesses to provide e-commerce solutions for suppliers as partners. Offers Reliable and Pocket – Friendly Web Hosting Services is essentially an online web hosting service that has been created to offer reliable, efficient and affordable web hosting to not just big and small businesses but also to individuals. All the plans offered by have one thing in common; they have stable cloud hosting capabilities. Besides, they also give 100% uptime guarantee thanks to their super fast servers.

Make the Information Without Border: VPB's Role

LogoWith the continuous development of cloud servers and the shrink of the traditional Internet Data Center products, cloud servers gradually become the future development tendency of web server. While the traditional server is running, if the amount of data increases, it will acquire a new extra host to increase the amount of calculation. The resources of traditional servers are greatly wasted with this massive host mode. Visualization technology without increasing the number of host servers provides a new solution for such a traditional server model.

Farbyte Responds to Paris Attacks by Offering One Year Free Paris Hosting Packages

The attacks in Paris have changed the way many people see the world, not least because of the power of social media, which has been an overwhelmingly positive influence throughout the ordeal, helping Parisians find safety during the attacks, find missing loved ones, and spread messages of love and hope. Many people now look to the people of Paris to heal and to go on with their lives, though many have undoubtedly changed beyond recognition after the events. Farbyte is a website hosting company who want to do their part by offering a year's free hosting to residents of Paris with a great server bundle.

Madhav Webhosting Offers Comprehensive Range of Secured Web Hosting Solutions

In today's world of competitive business, many firms for the purpose of promoting their services and products are looking for advanced website hosting solutions. It is through web hosting that they can make their online presence quite visible before large number of users. There are many software firms that offer superior web hosting solutions to different commercial firms. Madhav Web hosting India is one such firm which is committed to provide the best web hosting solutions in the market. It is specialized in offering comprehensive range of secured hosting solutions like Windows hosting, Linux hosting, Reseller hosting, SSL Certificates and so on at affordable prices. Clients are free to opt from its wide range of available hosting services as per their requirements and budgets.

Bitcatcha Prepares for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Special Page for the Best Web Hosting Discounts

Black Friday is coming, and with it all the mayhem of overcrowded stores and aggressive bargain hunters fighting over the latest deals. The situation has gotten so out of hand that now online retailers have created Cyber Monday, where individuals can get amazing deals from the comfort of their homes. Bitcatcha is a website that primarily reviews web hosting and server providers, but will this year be charting the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from their recommended providers.

VPB Expands Its Market to Hong Kong

LogoWith the dream to serve global users, VPB LLC (USA) started in 2009, just the beginning year of cloud era. Now it has become an international hosting and cloud provider by expanding into a new market: Hong Kong. Which was identified as a high-growth hosting and cloud market.

DigitalBerg Unveils Unlimited SSD Storage for Ultra Fast Performing Apps and Websites

Finding the right server hosting solution is vital for a business to succeed online. Many businesses, according to experts, end up in bad situations when they act rashly and choose server hosts who under perform. Fortunately, an excellent and affordable solution does exist in the leading dedicated server hosting company DigitalBerg. The London-based company recently announced they are proud to offer both unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth with their server hosting packages, setting up businesses for their greatest chance of success. Launches 24/7 Hosting Services

In a recent announcement made by via their website, the company has added another service with the launch of 24/7 hosting services. The website's chief administrator quoted, "We are proud to announce web hosting service to customers looking for unlimited resources." According to sources, has been specializing in offering services such as consulting, developing, publishing, marketing, and editorial expertise to customers in France as well as worldwide.

Chicago Dedicated Server Is Increasing Bandwidth on Dedicated Servers to 10TB

Chicago Dedicated Server is a provider of web hosting services to businesses, freelancers, and individuals at affordable rates. The company's popularity has been due to their approach to customer service and technical support, providing 24 hour services with reachable technicians aimed at solving problems and resolving technical crisis. Customers of the service provider will now have something new to appreciate about this midwest firm, and that is the increase in bandwidth for their dedicated servers to 10TB.

Leading Dedicated Server Hosting Company DigitalBerg Announces Unlimited SSD Storage for Ultra Fast Performing Apps and Websites

Finding the right server hosting solution is vital for a business to succeed online. Many businesses, according to experts, end up in bad situations when they act rashly and choose server hosts who under perform. Fortunately, an excellent and affordable solution does exist in the leading dedicated server hosting company DigitalBerg. The London-based company recently announced they are proud to offer both unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth with their server hosting packages, setting up businesses for their greatest chance of success.

OnRamp Makes Inaugural Appearance at Nexgen Cloud Conference & Expo

LogoOnRamp, a high security and hybrid hosting solutions provider with data center locations in Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC, announced today that the company will make its first appearance as a sponsor and exhibitor at the Nexgen Cloud Conference & Expo taking place December 9-10, 2015 in San Diego, California. Hosted by The Channel Company, Nexgen Cloud will bring together solution providers and vendor executives for educational events geared towards revealing the disruptive impact cloud computing is having on the IT industry. OnRamp will attend to showcase its private cloud solutions and highlight the benefits of joining its industry recognized Channel Partner Program while exhibiting at Booth #330.

SSD VPS Servers Now Available from Brontobytes

LogoBrontobytes is pleased to announce the expansion of its web hosting services with the addition of SSD VPS Servers to locations across the Globe. SSD VPS servers are currently available in Amsterdam (EU), London (UK), Toronto (CA), New York City (US), Salt Lake City (US) and Los Angeles (US) locations. There are plans to roll out to other global data centres in the near future. Brontobytes strives to provide reliable SSD VPS Servers with performance that is backed by the 99.9% SLA performance guarantee at a budget friendly price. All SSD VPS servers come with root access, SSH, and a thirty-day money back guarantee. Launches to Provide the Most Affordable Email Hosting Online

LogoA new email hosting website has emerged to offer reliable backend systems and features build-to-match enterprise requirements with an affordable monthly price.

GGServers Launches New Minecraft Server Hosting and Web Hosting Services

GGServers is a Canadian based business, providing services and products in creating a more suitable gaming server for customers at affordable prices. The main aim of the business is to create reasonable quality gaming servers at the lowest possible cost. The game server community suffers from the cost of better servers and their management, hence this new establishment can win considerable markets from its innovative solutions.

IMG Puppy to Offer Free Cloud Image Hosting Up to 10MB in First Phase of Cloud Revolution

The cloud is changing the way people think about computing. In the cloud, storage of files is just the beginning, with fully functional applications running remotely on servers. This can make home devices more like portals to an online world that does the heavy processing for users, and gives people more options when interacting with files online. Hosting files on the cloud gives people instant access anywhere, and there is no better use for this than storing images. IMG Puppy is offering a free image hosting service based in the cloud, with free uploads, using the cloud to offer sophisticated sharing options.

Creator of Kid-Friendly Needle Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoFor children and adults alike, fear of getting a shot is a common complaint.  In fact, many adults admit to avoiding routine medical care because of their fear of injections also known as  needle phobia.  Public figures such as Jackie Chan and Alice Cooper have admitted their  fear of needles.  Now, the creator of a new "kid-friendly" needle as seen at  YouTube Video  has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise production funds for this much-needed item.