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Cyfuture Ascends to SAP Certified Cloud Infrastructure Provider

LogoCyfuture’s brand new achievement of becoming a SAP Certified Cloud Infrastructure Provider will boost the expansion plans of clients by leaps and bounds

Cyfuture Collaborates with SmarterTool for Enterprise Class Email Hosting

LogoCyfuture is glad to announce a partnership with SmarterTools Inc. in order to distribute the SmarterTools software to the customers as authorized reseller.

DownTown Host Introduces Dynamic Packages

DownTown Host has unveiled various packages for Singapore Web Hosting services that are ideal for clients' unique requirements and budgets too. Expands Web Hosting Services

LogoUK Web Hosting Provider, ( today announced that the company has expanded its web hosting services. One of UK's leading web hosting providers,, now offers an even wider range of comprehensive hosting solutions making sure there is one of every need and budget. In addition, new to its portfolio is Comodo SSL certificates, and a company blog to keep users informed on plan options, latest technologies and best practices.

Best Offshore Dedicated Streaming Servers with 1Gbps to 10Gbps Unmetered Full Duplex

Dedicated web hosting services are hard to come by. Nowadays, most services are simply too unreliable and are unable to meet the requirements set by their customers. As a result, one not only has to deal with a lot of downtime and a multitude of stability issues, but they often are forced to pay inflexible costs and additional fees to keep their website up and running.

Hosted Server Solutions from BTA Ltd., Eliminating Hardware and Utility Expenses

LogoOne of the foremost IT support companies in London, BTA Ltd. offers hosted server solutions as a part of their succinct business plan. Their cloud computing services are extremely helpful for all types of businesses as they provide numerous benefits through server and infrastructure hosting. Thus, for their business-critical applications, many small and midsized businesses would benefit immensely by adopting private cloud hosting solutions. BTA can build and sustain a private cloud environment that is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that are required for escalating the business into its most productive form. Some other advantages of hosting the server and other critical computing apparatus in the cloud include:

Server Complete Inks Partnership with SmarterTools

LogoServer Complete, LLC is proud to announce it has teamed up with SmarterTools Inc. to provide SmarterTools software to qualified customers at no cost.

A2 Hosting Coupons for Different Types of Web Hosting Is Now Listed on

According to various studies conducted, it has been revealed that millennials spend a significant amount of time online, while experts have already predicted that the time spent online by the next generation, generally referred to as 'Generation Z', will only increase. Thus, businesses, organizations, or individuals need to have a staggering online presence in order to have any impact whatsoever in the digital age. However, only having presence on social networking sites would not be of much use. The storage of website files on a remote computer server is alluded to as a host. Websites surfed by people over the internet are hosted on a server and the website owner is charged a separate fee each month for web hosting. The objective is to provide them the most satisfying experience possible, and to remain amongst the tops in the search engines.

XYZ Commits $10,000 to EFF to Celebrate 4th Anniversary of .xyz Launch's 4th anniversary was this past Saturday, June 2nd, and XYZ is celebrating it by making 1-year .xyz domain renewals and 2-year .xyz domain registrations just $6.99 at participating registrars. This campaign not only continues XYZ's mission to give internet users access to great domain names at affordable prices, it also affirms XYZ's commitment to preserving internet freedom. During the month of June, XYZ has pledged to donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Fund (EFF) for .xyz domains renewed and registered at participating registrars during the sale, with a commitment to donate a minimum of $10,000. Invests in Comodo's Encryption has announced the addition of SSL certificates to their product portfolio recently. After joining forces with Comodo, one of the leading Certificate Authorities (CA) in the world, can now offer these trusted certificates at low rates. Their SSL products include Extended Validation (EV), and Domain Validation (DV) certificates, along with Multi Domain and Wildcard. Is Offering Coupons and Promo Codes for Web Hosting Services from A2 Hosting

The advent of internet has lead to nearly all businesses venturing in to the online arena through a website. From small business to multinational corporations, to blogs or e-commerce stores, everyone is making their presence felt over the web. Web hosting is essentially where a website lives. The data and files of the particular website are stored on a remote server, or a host, where its content is made accessible to the business and its clients through a web browser. Reliable web hosting is a significant aspect of developing a website. A web hosting company is the most important step in how a business's website or a blog is delivered to the customer or the visitor. Visitors want the ability to get to each part of the website any time of the day or night. There are many different types of web hosting, like shared hosting, dedicated web hosting, and cloud hosting, etc.

A2 Hosting, Providing Best Servers to Web Programmers

When it comes to advanced web development, A2 Hosting can be considered a winner here because of numerous reasons. A2 Hosting's servers currently are providing support for Apache (2.2), MySQL (5.6), PHP (5.3-5.6 & 7.0), Python (2.6-3.2), PERL (5.10), PostgreSQL (9.4), (2.x- 4.x), and Node.js. This company is an independent web hosting company with the prior goal of providing high-quality servers to its users. It also has a good record of providing advanced support for web programming languages.

Revelatory Reviews on Different Gadgets at

The launch of new products everyday in the market has overwhelmed buyers in identifying which product would actually meet their needs. The market has so many products to offer with limited information and that is causing discomfort among buyers who can't get the maximum output after spending exorbitant products.

Now out for Bid, Website Hosting Research & Review Database Creates Buzz

LogoCurrently at auction, the trusted hosting review website is a rare find now on Flippa. Providing adept market research on over 25,000 web hosting services worldwide the site offers what consumers have never had before. They offer a one-stop-shop for authenticated information about how good a web hosting company really is. And, since the independently-owned service does it for free, where does the revenue for a new buyer come into play? Web Hosting Geeks makes income from referral commissions on discounted digital goods that their visitors buy via affiliate links. With thirteen viable years under their belt, the system has proven more than profitable. Now Allows Hosting Landing Pages with No Limits at All

LogoWeb building niche keeps developing, with lots of trusted services being presented to the audience. While the number of web design tools continues to increase, more users start facing problems, when it comes to selecting the most trusted hosting services. may become a decent solution for newbies and web design pros, working on the development of landing pages.

Web Host Pro Announces the Addition of Three New TLDs

One of the most trusted and popular web hosting services, Web Host Pro finally announces the addition of three new TLDs. This is an exciting news as the customers can now register to .site, .online, and .website.

Word Press Hosting Giant, Speed Solid, Dominating the Industry Through Their Devotion to Customer Experience

LogoSpeed Solid is widely known across Los Angeles as being far more than a regular word press hosting company. Their clients are met with a superior level of customer service that is unmatched by other companies. The professionals at Speed Solid are devoted to providing a word press hosting that works closely with clients to develop their understanding of websites.

Wordpress Hosting Service Named Speed Solid Rises Above Others with Premier Hosting Services

LogoSpeed Solid is much more than a secure wordpress hosting service and offers assistance with all sorts of website development. Whether its web design or website speed, this wordpress hosting service offers services that make them stand out among other LA companies. The professionals take pride in website development and will ensure full maintenance of website security and speed.

RadJav Announces New Development Capabilities with TypeScript Integration

LogoHigher Edge Software, the company behind the software development platform, RadJav, is building a next generation Blockchain based platform for rapid application development (RAD), smart contracts, and Dapps. RadJav's system is designed to support the development and commercial scale use of highly secure decentralized applications, globally. Launches to Take the Guesswork out of Finding a Reliable Website Hosting Company

LogoWhat webmaster hasn't been there? So excited to launch a great website, forum, blog, or e-commerce platform only to find that it crashes often, is sometimes slow to load, and has a less than straightforward hosting pricing structure. Welcome to the digital age. This is the place where a website hosting company's claim to fame may be as staged as its reviews and trumped up analytics. If only there were a place webmasters could cut to the chase. Enter, They're the new sheriff in town that gives the actual growth rate, site rank, global rating, server location, and real number of hosted domains for over five thousand hosting companies worldwide. What's that? Did the Internet waters just get a whole lot clearer?

LayerOnline to Offer Free One Year Web Hosting for New HotJar Free Signups

HotJar is an all-in-one website user analytics and feedback tool which provides insights for website owners on visitor behaviors. HotJar uses heatmaps to show where users click the most. It also provides user tracking to help identify if there is any UI problems. In additional HotJar allows website owners to ask for user feedbacks to further help understand what the visitors are asking for. Other analytics tools such as Crazy Egg do only heatmap or user tracking. HotJar provides all the analytics tools under one service.

SageNext Amps Up Its Cloud Hosting Platform to Serve Tax Practitioners Better

LogoSageNext Infotech, a premier IT hosting provider, is delighted to announce that they have finally made required technical and functional upgrades in their cloud hosting platform to bestow a blissful and hassle-free tax season to the CPAs, tax professionals and small business owners. With this, SageNext aims to provide even better tax application hosting experience to the users, be it Drake, TaxWise, UltraTax, or Proseries tax application.

Innovative Business Model Designed to Help Charities in Addition to Teachers and Coaches

LogoSchedule Any Lesson was founded on the core belief that teachers, coaches and instructors are the backbone of America and that they are severely underpaid.

SageNext Announces Special 20% Discount on QuickBooks Hosting Plans to Brighten Christmas Celebrations

LogoSageNext Infotech, a reputable cloud hosting company, announced that they are offering a special 20% discount on their QuickBooks hosting and plans on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.

WhoisLogin Releases Secure Password Generator Supporting Bitcoin Accounts has released new versions of their Secure Password Generator for developers to test. Version 1.1 supports third-party Bitcoin accounts ad is available now. The tool will be updated to the latest versions as available.