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Nerda Jot Cartoons One-Month Kickstarter Funding Drive

LogoNancy Thompson started writing and drawing Nerda Jot in 1999. This light-hearted and positive cartoon made its web appearance in 2014 via Facebook and Each Nerda cartoon is drawn and written by hand. The cartoons pictures are supported by six lines of text that are inspiring, positive and heart-warming.

Creators of the New Existence Video Game Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoBit Bajt Studio, Ltd , has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds for producing their newest open-world survival game, The New Existence.

How NetflixMovies Is Revolutionizing the Way People Search for Movies on Netflix

Originally launched on March 1, 2015, "NetflixMovies" is fast becoming one of the most popular online destinations for movie fans worldwide with its simple yet innovative approach that provides users with a systematic access to on-demand streaming of millions of movies and televisions shows. In other words, it's a universal destination for everything about movies, offering a free service that allows users to search the most popular streaming, rental, and purchase services to find where a movie is available and what it's all about.

Fashion Journal with a Conscience Launches New Website

This week I Love Goldie, a fashion and lifestyle blog with a conscience, launched its revamped website ushering in a new era for the online journal that promotes environmentally friendly fashion labels and brands.

A New Crowdfunding Campaign Is Opened to Support Start-Up Hammock Business and Mayan Community in Yucatan, Mexico

A new crowdfunding campaign is started on March 16, 2015 to encourage people to support The Original Hammock Store that will sell hammocks and hammock chairs. These high quality, hand-woven hammocks are produced by women from the poor Mayan community in Yucatan, Mexico, who are trying to supplement their family income.

BlowMeCool Inc Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Expand Production of BlowMeCool

LogoBrian Burge is the designer of BlowMeCool, a mini-fan that is like no other fan available in the market. The product is unique in the true sense because as a small handheld fan, it has been designed with no exposed blades or propellers. The product was designed for women in the peri-menopause and menopause stages. During these phases of life, women often suffer from annoying hot flashes and look for a discreet way to stay cool and dry. The BlowMeCool mini-fan provides much-needed relief by quietly delivering a soothing stream of air. It can also be of great use for women and men battling cancer, men experiencing andropause; and dance/exercise/yoga enthusiasts.

Tojo Alex Starts Indiegogo Campaign for Letfilm, a Unique Online Platform for Movie Producers & Viewers

LogoTojo Alex wants to create an online platform that will help movie producers connect with their prospective audiences throughout the world. There is no dearth of talented filmmakers and actors that are trying to come up with their projects in spite of a shoestring budget. Unfortunately, the box office race is always won by large Hollywood companies that have a massive marketing budget. Tojo Alex is confident about changing the scenario with This will be the ideal platform for directors, producers, and actors looking to promote, distribute and market their movies to a global audience. Through Letfilm, it is possible to release a movie in over one hundred and ninety six counties for no marketing cost at all.

Nancy Thompson Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for the Future of Nerda Jot Cartoon Series

LogoNancy Thompson started writing and drawing Nerda Jot way back in the year 1999. This light- hearted cartoon made its web appearance in June 2014 with the launch of Nancy Thompson's Facebook page. Its website was launched later in November, 2014. Each Nerda cartoon has been drawn and written by hand. Each cartoon comprises of six lines that are inspiring, positive and heart-warming.

The Design Republik Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Offer Curated Outfitting at Affordable Prices

Being a fashion company with an innovative approach, The Design Republik has started their new outfit collection on 8th of March, 2015. Their goal is to release limited edition men's and women's outfit each month and help people buy outfits for $350 USD. They need sponsor's support to reach this goal and make their unique and luxury collection affordable for more people around the world.

New Photo Project: Ghost Houses in Norway

LogoSigmund Aas is a published author and photographer who has spent several years traveling around Norway and photographing old and decaying farms, stables and homesteads.  Now, Aas has launched a Kickstarter campaign at that will raise funds for another photography trip and publication of a pictorial book based on his discoveries.

Bernd Zikulnig Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of Peacebucks Online Currency

LogoBernd Zikulnig is inviting all to be a part of his journey towards developing peacebucks, a revolutionary online currency. A former professional soldier, Bernd strongly believes that the financial interests of some large corporations are the primary reasons for most of the modern-day wars. He also feels that the value of the individual human life has diminished to a great extent in the present society. Bernd Zikulnig's idea behind developing peacebucks is to increase the financial worth of the common man all over the world.

Dr. Lisa Leit Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Happy Whole Human Project

LogoHappy Whole Human , a new confidential interactive platform for self-discovery by Dr. Lisa Leit, offers DIY tools, online study courses and opportunities for coaching to help people snap out of self-absorption and find meaning in their lives and relationships.  Located at , this project to fund Happy Whole Human will raise money for development and implementation of this helpful online platform, allowing many people to benefit from the teaching and assistance offered.

Champion Traffic School Reiterates the Most Predominant Causes of Road Traffic Accidents and the Best Ways of Preventing Them

LogoRoad Traffic Accidents have become very rampant in almost all parts of the world. Most of the news reports would feature devastating car collisions hurting a number of people and damaging a lot of properties especially vehicles. The numbers of car crashes and auto accidents have become extremely alarming which is why different states all over the world have come to a lot of theories and have innovated some ways to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

Neon Moon Launches Fundraiser on Kickstarter to Produce Debut Collection

Lingerie company Neon Moon announces the launch of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to produce a debut collection that will revolutionise an industry known for objectifying women.

BOXS Creators Launch IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoBOXS is a simple room solution that combines the best properties of a sturdy container with the flexibility and mobility of a tent.  Robust and stable as well as durable, these unique products create new solutions for housing challenges around the world.  BOXS is simple to assemble and move, making them the perfect solution for situations in which a high level of flexibility and modularity is required.  Now, the creators of BOXS have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce these unique pieces and distribute them wherever they are needed throughout the world. Adds New Hosting Providers to Their Best Hosts of 2015 List

Finding web hosting that is both affordable and high quality can be difficult, with such a plethora of companies to choose from. LowHosting is unique, in that they not only carry out in depth investigations of hosting providers before recommending them, but they also contact those hosting providers to negotiate down their rates on behalf of their users, ensuring both the best quality and the best price. The latest additions to their website are now offering up to 60% off their normal hosting packages.

Fire Muse Circus Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Kick off Their US Tour

LogoFire Muse Circus brings the fire to a magical circus show called "Tear through the Veil" and now seeks crowdfunding support to take the performance across the United States this June with stops in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. among others. Future plans include taking their show overseas to dazzle a global audience. For those that can't make it to the live show, an eye-popping DVD will be produced allowing anyone anywhere to enjoy the show whenever they like.

Socialweber Offers a Free Consultation for New Clients

Socialweber offers a free consultation for new clients, one designed to help the client improve their website, bring in better visitors and obtain more sales. During this consultation, the company works diligently with the client to design an Online Marketing Strategy which is guaranteed to meet the goals of the client while remaining within his or her budget. Clients taking advantage of this consultation find it benefits them in a variety of ways.

Young Adult Novel Author C.E. David Launches Kickstarter Campaign for This Thing of Darkness

LogoC.E. David is the author of a young adult novel series , Certain Fathoms.  Now, David is releasing the first book in the series, This Thing of Darkness, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and marketing of the book, including printing and editing costs as well as an advertising campaign.

Mckane Now Launches Historic Restoration Project in South Florida

The restoration of old buildings is not just based in nostalgia. It's a viable, sustainable practice.

New Tech Startup Challenges Tipping Industry

LogoTipit is a new mobile phone solution that allows diners to leave a tip and servers to receive tips directly into their bank accounts without the need for cash or credit card slips.  Now, creator Renate Kalnina has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise funds to produce this program and market it nationwide.

What's Better Than a Carnival? Carnival Food Year Round

For some folks, the best part of going to a carnival is the food. You know, funnel cakes, candy apples, turkey legs, corn dogs, cotton candy, Polish sausage and the like.

Read@Night Children's Book Light Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoRead@Night is a unique book light designed to encourage children to read.  This children's book light will inspire children to love reading and will help combat illiteracy.  Founder and creator Chris Ortega is the author of a children's book series entitled My Unique Friends the Obiis.  Now, Ortega has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds for the promotion and production of this children's reading lamp .

Therapy Threads Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Startup Funds

LogoDani Ashley is a psychotherapist who understands the devastating toll taken by ignoring mental health issues, both personally and professionally.  Her new company, Therapy Threads, has two purposes: to provide instant Aromatherapy relief for those who wear her scarves and to shine a spotlight on the most common mental health and life issues facing society as well as to lift the stigmas associated with seeking help through therapy.  Now, Dani has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Therapy Threads and make it possible to produce and market Scarves Against Stigmas, a line of Aromatherapy Scarves that bring attention to some of the most prevalent mental health issues of today, including the stigmas of seeking professional help.

Colinda Alridge Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Publication of the Branding of Emotions

LogoPoet Colinda Alridge has written a series of poetry books known as the Emotion Series in her attempt to explore the world through her own emotions.  These books comprise four volumes:  Emotions, Emotions II, Emotions III and Emotions The Grande Finale.  The books are currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Now, Alridge has composed a new volume, The Branding of Emotions, and is launching a Kickstarter campaign at to build her brand and market her books.